The Great Radical Race Read Campaign offers opportunities to participate in the Radical Dharma Race Movement Project to transform race, and one of the most important of these is to build financial support. If you are committed to transforming race, this is an opportunity to put your money where your mouth is — to walk the walk, to turn your race and financial privilege toward dismantling white supremacy and promoting justice.

Your donation will fund projects like the Great Radical Race Read, a program that is kicked off by a 12 1/2-hour Read-A-Thon, followed by a 5-week program in which participates create circles, choose a book to read together from the GR3 bookstack, and attend weekly READ-ins. Circles are charged with engaging in actions taht proinvolves participants creating reading circlesto Read Education Awareness for the campaign also provides readers the project t functions as both a Race Awarenes and Education is kicked off by a 12 1/2-hour Read-A-Thon featuring the book Radical Dharma: Race, Love and Liberatio, co-authored by Reverend angel Kyodo williams and co-authors Jasmine Sydullah and Lama Rod Owens. This is followed by a 5-week program of weekly Race Education Awareness D? (READ) – in sessions for circles of readers who have chosen among the GR3 stack of books on race.

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